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I love playing UNO with my friends.

The mechanics are that players win by getting rid of all cards in their hands, players need to take turns and play cards, only certain types of cards can be played according to the previous card played by the previous player, there are cards that make another player draw more cards. A round ends when a player

As a result, the dynamic of UNO would be that players use the rules to trick each other on taking more cards or stop each other from playing their cards. Because the rules are simple and straightforward, new people can learn quickly and play as well as other players.

This dynamic facilitates fellowship when I get to play it with friends. We can use strategies to fight against each other. It is also very flexible in terms of prior experience. Even if some friends haven’t played it before, it would be quick for people to pick up and join the party. Spending fun time together is a great way to strengthen fellowship.

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