Competitive Analysis: Bad People

I played Bad People, a party game made by Dyce Games. The game play is simple. A group of people gather in a circle and a  card is drawn from the deck and read aloud. Most of these cards take the form “Who is most likely….” The prompts range from playful ridicule to very negative. After the prompt is read, players count down from 3 and then point at the person in the group who they believe best embodies the card. That player keeps the card and then another round commences. The game very clearly intends to create fellowship fun, but it also has the potential to generate discovery fun as well. The graphic design decisions of the game are very simple, the cards only have the text of the prompt and the game logo. Compared to other games in its genre, Bad People has simpler and more free flowing game play than games like Cards Against Humanity.
Due to the content of the cards, there is potential for abuse and discord to be sown amongst the players, there is little recourse built into the game to handle this, as such this falls on the players. To improve the game, I would add in more positive cards to make the game more lighthearted after long sessions. In particular, when playing with a group of friends this evening, after about half an hour we got a little bit tired of the nature of the cards drawn. Below is a picture of one card from each of the players piles at the end of our game.

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