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The game I really love playing is Pokemon. It has been a defining game of my childhood and the whole franchise itself brings me a lot of joy. For this response, I would only be talking about the main franchise Pokemon games from generations three to seven since these were built on the Nintendo DS or the Game Boy Advance.

Pokemon is a world exploration game that allows users to navigate through the region, meet new creatures, and work towards the end goal of becoming a Pokemon champion. Players are allowed to catch different types of Pokemon, battle other trainers of the region, and have a storyline for players to follow. Pokemon can also evolve and in order to do so, they must gain experience. These mechanics of the game allow players to craft their own party of monsters to explore the world and challenge the trainers of the region. You can collect items for various reasons and some are for healing, power boosts, progression to the next parts of the story, etc. This encourages the player to search for the best items in the game and even craft the best team since type advantages in Pokemon can really elevate the cohesiveness of a party. By battling other trainers and wild Pokemon, your party can gain experience, get stronger, and evolve. Some monsters also evolve via items and trading with a friend. Items are also obtained in various ways, thus forcing the player to talk to an in-game NPC (non-playable character). This approach makes Pokemon a discovery and submission type of game where you escape into this fictional world that is new.

However, Pokemon has other mechanics that create new types of fun in addition to discovery and submission. As players, we have the ability to connect to the internet and connect with friends and passersby. This allows the dynamic features where now friends can battle each other, trade Pokemon with each other, and interact with strangers, introducing fellowship to the mix.

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