Backgammon– what a wonderful game. Growing up, my father would mention how he would play this game with a friend named Seth. Christmas of last year, I asked if he would teach me. Backgammon has become a household tradition; we play on the kitchen table in the evenings and sometimes in the mornings.  After learning the game from my father, have taught it to two of my best friends. It has become our go to game of competition and camaraderie. The object of the game is to get all of your pieces off the board faster than your opponent. The board has four quadrants, each quadrant has six spaces to move.

To start the game, each player will role a single dice. Whoever has the higher role, will start first, using the combined sum of the dice. Players will take turns rolling two dice. If a player gets doubles, two of the same dice number, the player can move four spaces of that number. For example, if a player roles double threes, that person can move three spaces four times. When placing pieces on the board, it is beneficial to have at least two pieces in a set location, on top of each other. Having two pieces ensures your safe. Conversely, if you have only one checker that means it is exposed and an opponent can land there and kick your piece out of the game. To get back into the game, you will need to role dice and hope one of the spaces is open in either the first or fourth quadrant pending on your checker color. When returning to the game, your opponent can place checkers on top of each other, to block your entry. If you role a three but your opponent has two or more checkers on the three location, you cannot get in.

There is an element of strategy and luck. The game moves fast paced.

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