What do prototypes prototype? – Sculpture Pictionary

Our game is Sculpture Pictionary. We are adapting Pictionary where the player uses sculpting clay rather than a pencil to visually represent the word. They also are able to animate the pieces of clay in a charades-like manner.


  • Will people be able to form recognizable sculptures in a short time using clay? This is an important question because the game relies on players forming the clay. We can get players to make certain sculptures in different amounts of time and see how recognizable the forms are. My guess is that the forms will be recognizable with animation in a minute or two.
  • Will the sculpting material hold up with repeated use? This is an important question to answer because the game must last over time. We will create an implementation prototype and stress test clay by repeatedly forming and deforming it. My guess is that the clay will have issues, and we may need to find a different material.
  • Will people find the clay fun to use from a tactile standpoint? This is an important question because the interaction with clay should not feel gross or else players will not enjoy forming it. We can try different types of clay to see which one users prefer.


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