What do prototypes prototype?

Do users understand the rules and procedures of the game easily?

It is important because people can lose interest in the game if it has complicated rules and procedures. Therefore, we need to give a clear explanation of the game and make it less complicated. I think it will turn out well and increase the level of interest in the game. Sometimes I do not like playing some games because of their perplexing rules.

What aesthetic goals does this game pursue?

It is a significant question because we need to understand what makes this game fun and desirable to play. For example, our game will employ four aesthetic goals as expression, fellowship, challenge, and narrative. All those components will create excitement, interest, and pressure among players.

How many characters and roles does the game have? How many cards should be in each round?

It is important to know because it will allow players to communicate by building an inside language. Possible prototypes for that would be creating cards with specific characters and their roles and duties.

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