What do Prototypes Prototype?

    • How do we create a game that encourages players to use their bodies?
      • We want to design a game that changes the ballpark and encourages more engagement through mobility. The importance of moving our bodies is good for health reasons and helps keep everyone more focused on the moment, rather than glancing at their phones. We want to create a game that helps people be present in the moment and address mobility.
    • What type of prototype will you make to answer this question?
      • Our prototype will answer this question because the premise is getting a designated person to perform an action on a card without saying the action or demonstrating how to do the action. The prototype will engage everyone, because if the player can not get it within a designated amount of time then everyone has to perform the action while saying it.
    • What is your guess about how it will turn out? (the practice of prediction grows your intuition)
      • I believe the game will be fun. I guess the most challenging part will be determining the right amount of time to let people play the game and adjusting the rules to make the game challenging enough to be entertaining. Based on the results we can choose a direction that will be the most fun whether two teams playing against each other or individuals against the entire group.


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