What do Prototypes Prototype?

How do we create an environment that is fun for different groups?

One aspect that we are trying to figure out what works best for our game is whether to have players create their own rules or come with predefined rules. By letting players create their own rules, the game feels more personal, and players get to customize it in whatever direction they want. However, it might be difficult to think up rules on the spot, and the game would be otherwise lacking a general tone. A solution could be having a deck that has already created rules that players can choose to draw from, which would allow people to be creative if they want while also allowing them a way to move the game forward if they can’t think of a rule.


How to keep all players engaged?

At the beginning of the game, people should be focused on the game because there are not that many rules. However, as the game progresses, there should be many rules, and people’s attentions might move elsewhere. Therefore, it is important to focus on how the game progresses from turn to turn, and it would be a good idea to incorporate rules that include all people in some tasks to make sure people stay engaged.



Should we integrate some system to decide a winner, or keep it open ended?

Our game is designed to be a facilitator for social interaction by having malleable and simple to follow rules. The rules are designed to be fun, but we haven’t incorporated a scoreboard or point system that would keep track of a winner. We could experiment by adding points to rules on cards, and people could draw from various decks with increasingly more points that correspond to more difficult rules. This might make the game overly complicated and take away from the casual nature of the game, so would be good to prototype.

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