MDA: Undertale


Undertale uses narrative and challenge to create a fun game. The use of narrative in undertale is unique, because it allows for players to choose the story they want to live out and there are different stories a player can go through. Therefore it allows the player to play the game over and over again and still be surprised by the different possible outcomes based on the possibilities¬† out there. Undertale has a couple different outcomes that start to diverge from the very first decision made in the game. The second element the game uses is challenge, through telling these stories the game also has mini games and puzzles that provide challenge and mental energy to be played. The challenging nature of these puzzles is exciting because they engage the player with the game and requires thoughtful input to continue the story. The combination of these mechanics allows for dynamic game play that takes the elements of narrative and challenge to create an Role Playing Game that expands the users’ ability for to express themselves. This dynamic and aesthetic game from a players’ perspective is well crafted and takes into account a diversity of players who will play the game differently and will continue to engage past the first game play and continue playing through undesired outcomes in hopes to get their desired outcome.

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