What do Prototypes Prototype? – Questions

Should we restrict the difficulty of words used? Restrict words to specific categories?

We want to make sure that the words used are at an appropriate comprehension level for all players, as words that are too difficult may produce frustration as opposed to challenge. We will create prototypes that include cards of varying word complexity and test different card mixes to see what is most enjoyable for players. We assume that a medium level of complexity will be best, such that highly specialized words won’t generally be included.

Can we incorporate phrases/idioms without disadvantaging non-native English speakers? Proper nouns?

Including phrases/idioms could produce an interesting challenge where players can use the first letter of any of the included words to give hints, however we think that this could also create added complexity of language that may be frustrating to players who may not be familiar with english phrases/sayings (same with proper nouns). We will include cards that include (short) phrases and proper nouns within decks to gauge player responses. We assume that very well-known phrases and proper nouns will not create significant challenges, however we would not be surprised if players preferred the standard single word/non-proper noun format.

What size/format of cards is easiest to use/most convenient for players?

We want to nail down the physical aspects of resources for our game as precisely as possible so that we can optimize for convenience. We will try making cards of different sizes to see what is most convenient to play with and carry around. We assume that cards of approximately standard playing card size will be ideal, or perhaps slightly smaller.

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