What do Prototypes Prototype?

Our game is a campus-wide capture the flag. Since we know Capture the Flag works, our big prototype questions revolve around scale.

  • Is our boundary too large?
    • This question is important because if the game feels like it is setting up players for failure, then it will not be fun and the players will not try. We want to make the boundaries challenging but not too challenging.
    • We are going to spend some time running/walking around campus at night to see if the boundaries feel approachable.
    • My guess is it will be fair. We already scaled down from our original idea so I think it will work.
  • Is there enough of a social component?
    • This question is important because we are building a social game. Social games are activities that create memories. We want to make sure our game facilitates conversation and competition.
    • I think here we will look at user interviews both about our theoretical game and about their experience with capture the flag in the past.
    • My guess is this will be fun and memorable as a social game.
  • Is hiding the flag outside, on the ground, and unobstructed fair enough?
    • We want to make sure the flags can eventually be found but we don’t want the game to end super quickly.
    • We will place flags outside around campus Monday night and see how our testers find them. I think this we can take with a grain of salt because there will be “defense”.
    • I think it will be approachable enough but not too easy!
  • Will people show up? That one is hard to answer with prototypes but I wanted to include any way!

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