Game Prototype Questions Walker Stewart

What type of fun does my game elicit?

It is important to answer this question because it gives the designer a good sense of who the target audience of the game is. To answer this question, an integration prototype is likely the best choice because of the need to represent the complete user experience. I would guess that my game will elicit fellowship and discovery more than anything else.

How do the players interact in my game?

This is an important question to ask because player interaction can be a key part of the game, especially given my goals for eliciting fun. I believe a look and feel prototype would be adequate to answer the question because it would be sufficient to simulate the interaction. I would guess that this will end up confirming that the players dare each other to do reasonable tasks.

Are there any pitfalls in game play?

It is important to answer this question because a pitfall in game play can derail the game and prevent players from playing in the future. An integration prototype would be necessary here because otherwise some pitfalls could be abstracted away and therefore be missed. I don’t believe any would be found because of the relative simplicity of my game.

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