Critical Play: Spyfall

Name of Game: Spyfall

Creator: Alexandr Ushan


Game Shape: Fellowship, Discovery

Target Audience: 12 +

Notable Elements of the Game:

  • Players: 4 – 10 players
  • Actions: The spy’s job is to guess the location, while other player’s job is to identify the spy. On their turn, players ask each other questions with the intention of finding the spy without giving them too much location on their location. During the game – or when the timer runs out – a player can accuse another player of being the spy. If there is a consensus, then the spy loses; otherwise, the spy wins.
  • Rounds: 1 round (5-10 minutes)

Genre: Players: Single player vs everyone else – unilateral


  • Spyfall reminds me greatly of Mafia, as it relies getting to know each other’s bluffs and having the loudest voice in the room is important.

Fun: As I played the game with three people, I personally did not enjoy the game because I knew the spy with a 50% accuracy. More people would have made the game more enjoyable.

Suggested Modifications: If the spy was given a different location and was not given the knowledge that there spy (they had to figure it out based on the questions of the other people, then I would have found the game more interesting).

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