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Hi all! I’m a Senior majoring in CS (Info track) and FGSS. My preferred pronouns are he/him.

(Probably won’t have the baby goat in class, unfortunately)

Although there’s also a lot of video games I’ve enjoyed, I think my favorite game of all time has to be Dungeons and Dragons. I played it a lot growing up, and just recently started again during the pandemic. There’s just so much freedom of expression, and it’s been a great way to keep in touch with friends. It’s also been interesting seeing how differently I play it now than as a kid – back then it was much more ‘let’s talk about the sweet fights we’re getting in’, whereas now there’s much more involved stories and roleplaying. I would recommend it to anyone who’s curious!

My favorite game lately has been Apex Legends. I like competitive multiplayer games a lot (previously was on the Overwatch/HS/LoL teams here). I love games where it feels like there’s always something to learn, and you can really build up mastery. I also worked there last summer doing data for the design team, and am going back post-graduation, which it turns out is a good way to get you more invested in a game. It’s interesting coming at something both as a player and someone working on it.

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