Introduction – Neha

Hello everyone!!

I’m Neha (she/her) and I’m a freshman studying CS. I love food so here is a picture of me being excited to eat in SF a couple of weeks ago:

It’s hard to choose my favorite game of all time but I think I am tied between Mafia and Wii Lego Indiana Jones. I love Mafia because it is fun to play detective and just play in large groups, and Lego Indiana Jones has a special place in my heart because I love puzzles and it brings back memories of playing video games with my brother!

A recent game I played was Kemps, which is a card game where you have to make a secret signal to your partner if you receive four cards of the same number. It’s incredibly fun because you have to juggle a bunch of things at once like making sure you are discrete about your signaling, watching the interactions of other pairs, collecting and switching cards, etc.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!




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hi! i'm a freshman studying cs. i love animation, vr/ar, and game dev!

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