Hi y’all! My name is Noel

The most recent photo in my camera roll.

I use he/him pronouns; I’m a Junior doing the systems track, but I’m very passionate about videogames, and I’ve even prototyped a few of my own.

My favorite game of all time, and likely the one I’ve played the most, is The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. I remember first playing it in middle school and falling in love with the game’s lore, atmosphere, and gameplay mechanics oriented around player choice. I don’t think I’ve found another single-player RPG that offers the same illusion of freedom as Skyrim. I still sometimes boot up the game and enjoy it despite having first played it over seven years ago.

The last memorable game I played was Cyberpunk 2077. Despite it being a very buggy and unoptimized videogame, I liked the fantastic soundtrack, the overall storytelling, the visuals of the dystopian cyberpunk future the story is set in, and some parts of the game’s core gameplay such as the gunplay and “stealth” mechanics.


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