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Hi everyone!


I’m Tyler (he/him) and so far I’m super excited about the class. I’ve played tons of games from different genres and thought up a lot of ideas for games (some, admittedly, are quite dumb) that I think could be fun to try and flesh out.

[alt text: tyler (me) standing in front of a large bird with soulless/hopeful (depending on whether you’re an optimist) eyes in my home town]

Going through some of the other posts, I’ve seen other people mention some of my favorite games from various genres (in particular and no particular order: Danganronpa 2, Breath of the Wild, and Pokemon Heartgold). I couldn’t possibly pick a single game as my all time favorite, but those are some of the ones I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Lately I’ve been revisiting Overwatch and playing a lot of a game called One Step from Eden with some of my friends, and both are fantastic in their own ways.

I’m also playing my own sort of game where I try and dodge Elden Ring spoilers until I have time to play it this summer, except it’s an asymmetric where everyone is against me and I’m always slowly losing.


Looking forward to meeting some/all of you!




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