Introducing Ulo 🤩

Hi hi hi! I’m Ulo (pronounced like Hulu without the h) and I use he/him pronouns! 

My favorite game of all time has to be The Sims. I’ll play the game for what feels like 15 minutes only to find out I’ve been playing for hours 😭😭. Even though the game is literally broken and I have to do so much work to invent my own storylines, I always have so much fun playing as well as seeing other Simmer’s (aka ppl who play the Sims) games.

The most recent game I’ve played was Subway Surfers! I completely forgot that I still had the app until I was on a flight with no wifi a few days ago. Although I always thought playing would repetitive since I’m doing the same actions over and over again, I loved seeing the new areas locations in the game and competing against myself to get farther and gain more coins!

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