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i’m yousif (he/him)

i don’t have a lot of pics of me 😭 sooo here’s me sipping starbucks and glaring (my order is in frame so u can get me starbucks as one does)



My favorite game of all time has to be super smash bros because i never lose in it, but mario kart has to be a close second. Super Smash Bros just has a lot of super good memories for me & I just associate it with my friends and siblings so idk it’s a cozy game that always ends in everyone being heated and accusing the other of cheating which is the best genre of game.


A game I’ve enjoyed recently has to be this ring game I play (idk if it has an english name, I only know the arabic name) but basically you just hide a ring in one of your hands and someone has to guess which hand the ring is in. You can like have an entire team of “ring hiders” but it’s usually just one guesser & I always have a ring handy so it’s an on the spot game I’m always ready for, simple & has that “ends in everyone being heated and accusing the other of cheating” energy (which I love).

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I just like cs & ethics lol

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