Hi, I’m Peng!

Hey everyone, my name is Peng and I use he/him pronouns.

My favorite game of all time is an MMORPG called Maplestory. I love the OST and art style and although the gameplay itself wasn’t particularly special (and has now become a new monster entirely), it was a big part of my childhood and I have fond memories of making friends there. Other games I’ve played include Dota 2, League, and WoW.

A recent game I’ve been enjoying is called Escape from Tarkov – it’s a first-person shooter that incorporates elements of role-playing games. It has a pseudo-permadeath feature that causes you to lose all of your character’s equipment upon death, but that also means it allows you to take the equipment of anybody you kill, which makes gunfights high risk and thrilling. Additionally, it has a very realistic and in-depth gun modification system that I find very interesting. It’s neat using real guns, attachments, and armor in the game and then being able to recognize them when they appear in movies and television shows.

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