Mapping Systems: Rimworld

I modeled the main systems from Rimworld, a PC management game where you guide a set of colonists who’ve crashlanded on an unfamiliar planet.

The core of the game is the colonists themselves. As workers, they collect resources, build up your base, and research new technology. In turn, the base is both a place to invest resources as well as a means of accessing new ones. Research also expands the options in your base. However, as your base expands, and you gain wealth, you get attacked more and more frequently by raiders, who try and destroy your base and kill your colonists. These raiders also act as the main source of recruitment – if you can subdue them, you can add them to your colony and expand your population.


There’s a lot more to drill down into – this game has been in active development for years – but I think these are the main relationships at play in the system.



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