Map and Premise

Setting: You wake up in an empty white room. There is no furniture other than the bed you lay on. You exit into the hallway to find an endless hallway of identical rooms. There is only one way out of the castle, which is a tunnel you must find in order to escape.

Premise: You’ve been admitted to a state-of-the-art facility by your parents who are fed up with your shenanigans. You wake up to realize that it is not actually a facility but rather a bleak facility of solitude. You encounter others who have been there for years and lost track of reality. You want to escape. Throughout the journey, you continue to encounter demons from your past life. People you have wronged. Reminders of times you have treated people you love poorly. You continue to wake up again and again in an endless time loop until it is broken and you escape. Your fatal flaw has always been being selfish and what will ultimately save you is by trying to help someone else.

Conceptual Map:

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