P2: Map and Premise

Map and premise

The setting of my game is split into two settings: real life and within the computer. For the real life portions, it will be set in the Company office area where the main character can between their office, their co-worker’s office, and potentially their boss’s office. This is to help ground the main character to realize each of their actions on the computer will have an impact on their real life. On the other hand, the rest of the story will happen on the computer which will contain all of the clues that reveal things about the company.



The story follows a software engineer at a large company that is deeply rooted in all parts of society that it practically represents society. Life is good for the main character until their co-worker is suddenly taken away by security, and the main character is tasked with figuring out why the co-worker had an encrypted USB. As the main character continues to investigate the USB by figuring out puzzles, they begin to uncover hidden files about the company and the tragic actions the company had to do to be where they are at now. Ultimately, the main character will have to make a decision about their new found information and decide where their morals align.

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