P2 Map and Premise


The story follows the main character, whose point of view is told in the 2nd person. You are a child who is on vacation with your mom at a beautiful diving hole. You want to explore the diving hole and possibly collect some treasures. Seeing that the water looks clear and beautiful, you think that the hole is probably easy to explore, but little do you know that it is full of twists and turns where you can easily drown. In fact, many have drowned here in the past because of their hubris. However, if you are prepared and pay attention to your surroundings, you can safely explore the hole, get back to your mom with enough oxygen left in your lungs, and maybe even grab some treasure along the way.

Lesson learned

My game is about human hubris. I want to show what happens when people are overconfident and go into situations without preparation or thinking that they are strong/smart enough to handle it.


The player descends into the diving hole and collects various treasure along the way. The player may or may not notice the warning sign, the dead end, or the bones, depending on their visual perception of color. Areas marked with a red X are places where the player can die. In order to reach the true ending, the player will need to talk to their mom to get money and rent diving gear at the swim shop before diving into the hole.

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