Rachel Naidich Playable Prototype

Top findings:

  1. The game was capped at 15 minutes, and both teams ended with 7 victory points and tied. Catan is usually played until someone reaches 10 victory points first, so I should have maybe placed the resources closer to the game board. That may have allowed one of the teams to actually finish with 10 victory points.
  2. Both teams were extremely engaged in trying to beat the other team and communicated with each other to figure out what to build. One play tester logged his mileage and he logged 1.55 miles.
  3. As the dice roller, I was rolling the dice every 1 minute. I think that trying to deal out resource cards when the players returned to the board and roll the dice every minute was extremely difficult to manage. This could be solved by making the card dealer/dice roller a digital system or changing the dice rolling to every 2 minutes.

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