My game of FLUXX

I played FLUXX online in a 1:1 game on

I lost to roger80 sadly 🙁



Critical Play Analysis

I played FLUXX online in a two-player game on

I found the game to be quite confusing, there were a lot of moving parts and it seemed that during every turn you were able to alter the rules of the game. I think the ever-changing nature of the game makes it difficult to grasp and really compete the first time you play–it’s hard to apply a strategy to a game that 1) you don’t understand, and 2) is always changing. I imagine that it would be a great deal of fun in a large group of friends in-person.


Formal Elements


The game is played between 2-6 players where all of the players have the same role. It’s a multiplayer, multilateral competition between everyone. Playing online, the invitation to play is done via joining an online game and clicking through a series of prompts.


The objective of the game is to meet the condition of a goal card to win the game. However, this is easier said than done as along the way the actual conditions of the goal card are changing.


Everyone starts with three cards. Cards are of four types: goal cards, keeper cards, action cards, and rule cards. Each turn, the player can select a card. You can select various action and rule cards to work in your advantage to win the goal of the game. If you acquire all the keeper cards necessary for the goal of the game then you win.


The rules of the game are in flux, hence the name of the game. Players can change the rules by selecting various cards when it is their turn. You start with three cards, you play one and you pick one. From there, all of the players take turns instituting new rules acquiring different cards to hopefully win the game by achieving the goal.


The main resources in the game are the cards that the players can choose from. Some of them help achieve goals, like keeper cards, and others can be used to advantage yourself or disadvantage the other players.


Conflict could occur if a player changes the rules in a way that disadvantages certain other players. It could also be hard to choose what card to play as it’s not always obvious what the next best step is.


When played online, it is bound to the platform whether that is the website or the app. If played with real cards, it would be the table or the physical space being used.


There can be only one winner because of the way the goal cards are set up, a player wins by meeting the criteria of the goal card.


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