Visual Design of Games Exercise

My analysis of the visual design of “Baby Faith”:

I love this interface for it incorporates the contrast among elements through color design, beautiful and meaningful types, as well as smart grouping and separation of elements.

The text from the bot, Baby Faith, is colored in pink, while the text from the player, is colored in black, which creates a good visual distinction, making it easier for the player to distinguish and focus. The typeface it chooses resembles that of a coding interface, which is coherent with the mechanical and artificial feeling that the game wants to convey. The core elements of the game are grouped together in the middle, including the type bar and the conversation log, while the supportive element (“info”) is very far away from the middle, on the upper right corner, which allows the player to focus.

“Visual Design of Games” Exercise

  1. Analysis for the formal elements: 

The core elements are: the title, the percentage of correctness, the timer, the place to type in cheese or font, the question prompt, and the replay button. These are very essential to the gameplay, for it is important for the player to have the place to type in cheese or font to interact with the game, the question prompt to know whether to choose “c” or “f”, and timer to keep track of the time of gameplay, the percentage of correctness to know how many they get correct, the title to know which game they are playing right now. The replay button allows the player to start a fresh round.

The supportive elements are: the result for each prompt, the “how to play”. The result for each prompt informs the player how exactly they get right/wrong. The “how to play” informs the player about how to play the game.

The extraneous elements are: next game, ratings for the game, the average score, related games, “play another”, the comment for the player. These are the elements that are not related to gameplay.

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