My Final Class Reflection

Before this class, I thought about games as both an art form and a form of entertainment. Throughout this class, I’ve learned to appreciate in much greater detail how games are made, why different groups of people play them, and why they are made. I’ve already spent a lot of my personal time before taking this class watching game design videos online through various YouTube channels that I enjoy, and this class helped me reinforce these ideas even further. This class was really good for me as I was finally able to put these concepts (in addition to the new ones introduced in class) to use in these game projects. I’m fortunate that I found game development to be extremely fun! I feel like this is something I want to continue doing in the future. Actually building and developing games turned out to not be as difficult as I was expecting it to be. I’m fortunate that I enjoyed it so much that the challenges and roadblocks just felt like fun learning curves to me. Applying these game development concepts to the game itself has also helped me appreciate the games I play more. I feel like I appreciate each game design choice, each edgecase, etc so much more now than I did before. Especially the details: I have a much greater appreciation for them now. This whole experience has also made replaying some of my favorite games even more enjoyable. I’ve really enjoyed replaying them and enjoying all of the aforementioned things. I really look forward to continuing to do this over the summer as well. In terms of making more games, that’s something I hope to do more rapidly in the future. As mentioned previously, it is something I want to do more of. By the time P2 ended, I was already looking at the code I had written and realizing how different I would write all of the code if I were to redo everything. I’m not sure if I want to remake the same game again, but I definitely want to make more games going forward 🙂

I have been extremely sick this past week, and it’s hard to think clearly. I can not think of anything else to write about, sorry. I intended to submit this yesterday, but again, I’ve been so sick that I was just unable to write this until now.

Thank you for an amazing class! I really enjoyed learning about game design 🙂

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