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We were asked to read Chapter 5 of Working with System Dynamics. Below is the mind map I created based off of the reading. After the reading, I received some clarity about the structure and values of the game my group is planning for P3. Although we are no longer using this concept based off of feedback from the team and in-class playtesting, I am going to use the concept to dissect its values, interaction and arcs.

Our system was going to use a rapidly expanding fast-food franchise to impact global health, which would in turn affect your ability to grow. Kannibal Kitchen puts the player as the owner of a new fast food restaurant in a sleepy, peaceful town. The KK uses human organs as their meat. As the owner, you decide each day what quantities and kinds of organs you want to order. Each organ has a different effect on the population, and as you increase in popularity those effects become more drastic and make the population sicker. You are able to use your new-founded power given by capitalism to help influence policy and therefore the availability and quality of your organs. Running low on lungs? You could decide to lobby to bring back flavored nicotine nationwide, and it would increase the availability but decrease the quality. If you insist on feeding everyone low quality lungs, it could affect their health. These arcs show how capitalism and global health are intertwined, usually to the detriment of global health.

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