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In the fictional Republic of Haneul, a dystopian nation under foreign occupation, players assume the role of Alex, a high-ranking soldier from a foreign nation Aeloria with a mysterious past. Alex becomes entangled in a secret resistance organization, fighting for Haneul’s independence from Malevoria’s colonial rule, all while navigating espionage, love, and honor in a harsh and oppressive world.

Player role:

Players embody Alex, an Aelorian soldier with a deep sense of duty and hidden past, torn between loyalty to his homeland and a growing attachment to Haneul’s people and their cause.


  • Alex is a high-ranking soldier from a foreign nation, with a mysterious past and a strong sense of duty. He is caught between loyalty to his homeland and growing affection for Haneul.
  • Hae-won is part of Haneul’s upper class. She secretly operates as a key member of the resistance, utilizing her skills in espionage to further the cause. She becomes a central figure in Alex’s life.
  • Jun is a master swordsman from the enemy nation. Beneath his intimidating exterior, he harbors a deep and secret love for Hae-won, who is part of the resistance.
  • General Darian is a high-ranking officer in the oppressive regime occupying Haneul. He is known for his ruthless tactics and deep-seated belief in the subordination of Haneul’s people. General Darian embodies the cruelty and arrogance of the occupying force, making him the biggest adversary of the Haneulian resistance.

Player Goals:

  • The player must aid the Haneulian resistance in their efforts to free the country from Malevoria’s rule.
  • The player must uncover government conspiracies and expose the brutal actions of the enemy Malevorian general.
  • The player must navigate complex relationships, particularly with Hae-won; they must choose to follow their country’s orders or aid Hae-won and Hanuel’s people. 

Player Conflicts:

  • The player must help Alex balance his loyalty to the homeland while his affection for Haneul and its people grows.
  • The player must confront the brutal actions of the enemy General Darian. 
  • The player must navigate the complexities of relationships, including the love triangle between Alex, Hae-won, and Jun.  

Player Choices:

  • The player must choose between supporting Haneul’s independence or remaining loyal to one’s homeland.
  • The player must choose whether to prioritize personal relationships or the greater cause of liberation.
  • The player must make moral choices that affect the course of the resistance and the fate of Haneul.

Player Actions:

  • The player will engage in espionage missions, infiltrating government facilities and gathering intelligence.
  • The player must navigate Alex’s romantic relationships with Hae-won, the complexities of Jun’s unrequited love, and manage other character interactions.
  • The player must make critical decisions that impact the fate of Haneul, the resistance, and the love story.

Resources include:

  • Intelligence gathered during espionage missions.
  • Relationships and alliances with resistance members, including Hae-won and Jun.
  • Personal skills and knowledge from being a high-ranking soldier from a foreign nation.

Game Events include:

  • Act 1: Alex’s return to Haneul and involvement with Hae-wonthe resistance.
  • Act 2: Escalating espionage missions and relationship development.
  • Act 3: Confrontations with the enemy general and moral dilemmas.
  • Act 4: The climactic mission to expose government conspiracies.
  • Act 5: Multiple endings based on player choices, ranging from Haneul’s liberation to personal and national sacrifices

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