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Name of game: Among Us

Creator: InnerSloth

Platform: Windows, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

Target audience

Among Us has been listed as suitable for ages 9+ in the Apple App Store, and it has a large player base among teenagers and young adults. Research suggests that most players are between the ages of 14-40. Plus, this game appeals to players who enjoy social deduction games, mystery-solving, and teamwork.

Formal Elements of the game

Among Us has a multilateral competition format where four to ten players compete against each other. The game is played on two teams: the crewmates and the imposters. The crewmates try to complete tasks to win, while the imposters attempt to kill crewmates without being caught. The game’s objectives include outwitting other players, exploring the spaceship, aligning tasks, rescuing or escaping, and chasing or capturing players. The crewmates’ objective is to complete tasks and identify the imposters before they are killed, while the imposters’ objective is to sabotage the spaceship and kill crewmates without getting caught. The game’s outcome is zero-sum, where the imposters win if they kill enough crewmates, and the crewmates win if they complete all their tasks or identify all the imposters. There is no way for both teams to win.

Among Us is played in rounds, and each round has a set of rules and procedures that must be followed. The game starts with players selecting their roles as either crewmates or imposters. Crewmates complete tasks around the spaceship while trying to identify the imposters. Imposters sabotage the spaceship and try to kill crewmates. If a dead body is found, players hold meetings to discuss and vote on who they believe the imposter is. The game ends when either all tasks are completed, all imposters are identified, or the imposters successfully kill enough crewmates.

In this game, players have access to limited resources in the game. Crewmates have access to the spaceship’s tools and equipment to complete their tasks, while imposters can use vents to quickly move around the spaceship and sabotage equipment. Moreover, the game’s boundaries are established through the magic circle, where players step into the game’s virtual world and become immersed in its rules and procedures. The game’s boundaries are known, portable, and established by the game’s developers.

Comparison to other games in its genre

Among Us is often compared to games like Mafia and Werewolf, as it involves social deduction and deception. However, Among Us differentiates itself by having an actual game world; plus, the use of tasks and objectives in this game adds another level of complexity to the game’s mechanics. The game is well-designed, engaging, and fun to play, which made it become hugely popular in recent years.

Kinds of Fun

From my perspective, I think Among Us is a fun and engaging game that encourages players to work together and think strategically. While playing this game, I experience several kinds of fun. For instance, the sense of fellowship that comes from working together towards a common goal strongly appeals to me. When I was a crewmate, I work cooperatively with my teammates on tasks, and we discuss in the chat about who’s the imposter. Additionally, the game presents a challenge in the form of trying to solve the mystery before time runs out or before the imposter can kill off all the crewmates. Moreover, I enjoy the discovery brought by Among Us, especially when I try to uncover the identity of the imposters and figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying. The game also has a lot of secrets to discover, which is also a lot of fun for players who enjoy exploring and uncovering new things.

Moments of particular success or epic fails

I played Among Us on my mobile phone with strangers. One of the successes that I remember is that as I was chosen as the imposters, I managed to fool the crew into believing my lies by creating a convincing alibi and kill off crewmates without being caught. There were altogether 10 players in that round, and I was the only winner. I screenshotted my success and inserted into this blog post! 🙂

However, I also experienced epic falls while playing the game. For instance, as a crewmate, I also mistakenly voted my fellows as imposters. As we were engaging in the discussion using the chat box, we were debating whether to vote for player 1 or player 2. However, it turned out that we were tricked by the imposter and made the wrong decision.

Things I would change to make the game better

One thing that could improve the game is adding more variety to the tasks that crewmates have to complete. The current tasks can get repetitive over time, and new challenges could add more excitement and variety to the gameplay. Additionally, more maps and customization options would also be appreciated by players.

Moreover,  another thing that I noticed is that many players might choose to quit in the middle of the game, especially when playing with strangers. This negatively influences players’ playing experience. For instance, in one game that I played last night, 4 out of 10 players quitted the game in the second round, and they were all crewmates. This significantly decreased the chance for the crewmates team to win. Thus, I would suggest creating a punishment rule in Among Us to prevent players from quitting in the middle of the game.


Overall, Among Us is a great social deduction game that encourages players to work together and think strategically. Its simple mechanics and accessibility make it a popular choice for gamers of all ages, and its replayability ensures that players keep coming back for more. With some small improvements, the game could become even more engaging and addictive.

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