my name is Noor (she/they)

GGOAT (greatest game of all time): Stardew Valley

In general, I love story based games with cute graphics, customization aspects (like decorating my farm), and lots of features/mini games/aspects that go with the story line but can be done separately as well (mining/fighting in the caves, fishing, farming, developing friendships with the villagers, quests). I specifically love Stardew Valley because it is a beautiful game with a strong, warm fanbase and very caring development team. It has been an amazing experience to see this game expand and receive so much recognition over the years.

Recently played: WarioWare (Gamecube edition)

I am a HUGE fan of the Nintendo Gamecube and recently acquired WarioWare which is a party game featuring the characters associated with Wario’s world. I didn’t expect it to be so different from Mario Party and had a really fun time with my friends. My friends who are not gamers also really enjoyed playing. I think its because it’s a bunch of minigames with quick silly microgames. There is nothing to take seriously and is all about reaction time and some luck!

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