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For the game that my team and I are designing for P3 (“Boba Bliss”), our values are to learn the moving parts behind launching and running a small business and gain appreciation for small business owners. A loop that we have in our game is that we ask the player to make decisions how much supply and inventory to have for the next day opening shop. The player invests their limited supply of currency (fish) into stocking up on different resources, and then watches how satisfied/unsatisfied their customers are the next day. Each customer has preferences for what they will order, and if their preferences are not met due to an inventory shortage, they will leave unsatisfied and affect your business’s reputation. Based on the performance of the shop that day, the earnings that were gained, and the reputation was gained/not gained, the player will have to update their strategies on which resources to invest more in to maximize both profits and reputation. An arc that we have in the game is the overarching story — the player takes on the role of running a cat boba shop, and based on their performance, they will receive different endings: a success results in them setting up the boba shop in cat heaven, and a failure results in them gaining devil horns.

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