Mindmap + Writeup: Working With System Dynamics – Ji Hong Ni

Our game, Overgrowth, is about the systems between nature and humans–the relations between these two groups and how the cycles of nature and the intervention of humans in these cycles can alter potential outcomes.


The trees have their own cycle. They can be planted, grow over time, and have a max growth amount. Trees die by either dying by themselves, being struck by lightning, chopped down by humans, or being removed/prevented by corporations. So as the game has a chance to populate the world with trees every round; humans, corporations, and natural disasters can remove trees from the world and this cycle continues throughout the game. 


As for arcs, we always start with nature, then humans, then corporations. The order helps keep the hierarchy and progression of the game. Ultimately, the players have to collaborate in order to remove corporations, build houses, and maintain trees. These three entities interact with each other to create the dynamics of this game. 


The values of Overgrowth are dependent on these dynamics as we use cause they show the real-life effects of human and corporation intervention in nature. We also emphasize the natural process of growth and how maintaining balance is necessary to build a sustainable future.

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