Playable prototype | Yasmine Mitchell and Alejandro Cid

Game description:

Black Friday Baking is a competitive two-player game about baking more fun desserts than your opponent. Players take turns putting markers on a 6×6 board to claim different ingredients, in order to form a set of recipes that were randomly drawn from the recipe deck. Players also have to form “appliances” (like ovens and fridges) by forming patterns on the board.



Our game seemed promising and players had fun but we found several areas that could be improved. For one, our appliance game mechanic was too easy to achieve if we allowed players to use the same markers for multiple appliances. Furthermore, we realized that having recipes be claimed by a player after they are made, thereby blocking the other player from making the same recipe, would make the game more competitive. This mechanic would incentivize blocking and careful analysis of the enemy’s moves. In order to increase the aesthetic appeal of our game, we think it would be beneficial to put pictures of ingredients on the board as well as fun baking facts on the recipe cards. This would also teach the player new things, thereby making the game more “serious.”

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