Bully! Observations and Improvements

By Caroline Gao, Michael Hayashi, Carina Ly


  • Nice balance between good / bad cards
    • “Friends” were occasionally forced into playing a bad card
  • Added a mid-game mod to provide players with time to discuss, after each round, to determine (and potentially vote on) who the bullies are
    • Passionate discussions / accusations and players defending roles!
  • Some confusion about all the possible ways to win (get rid of the center bully monster, correctly vote out the 2 bullies, etc.) 

Potential New Rules: 

  • Flesh out how to implement time for players to discuss who the bullies are:
    • At the end of each round? 
    • Add in a new “force vote” card? 
  • When voting, if you tie, the vote doesn’t count and you have to continue playing:
    • Vote one bully out at a time
    • Simultaneously point to vote
  • Introduce “special power” or neutral cards:
    • Players can choose to see another player’s deck (exchange?)
    • Exchange hands with another player (random or select?)
    • Exchange roles with another player (random or select?)
    • Role flip(?): flips your current role to the other side
  • For all “good cards,” have players respond specifically to the “bad card” situation that they are removing from the monster
  • Introduce a form of currency for players to exchange bad cards for 
  • Potentially have bullies know who their partner bully is? 
  • Potentially change how many good cards it takes to remove one bad card

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