P0: Cruel 2B Kind – Isabelle Lee

My teammates for P1 (Ada, Alyssa, and Marielle) and I hosted a game of Cruel 2B Kind, but with a twist – we hosted it on a Club Penguin server. Because the rain and bad weather was not conducive to meeting in-person, this was the mod that we chose to make to the game. I reached out to my friends and dance team to recruit people, but it was difficult to gain a lot of traction. I was able to recruit one friend, Jason, and another friend joined but left shortly after joining. My teammates and players met up on Zoom, and these were the rules displayed on the screen for them:

before you play

  • make an account on https://play.cplegacy.com/
  • private message Ada Zhou your username on Zoom
    • your displayed username might be different once you log in (e.g. P32427). make sure you message us this one!
  • join the “Blizzard” server and use the map to go to the Town
  • dress your penguin up by buying clothes at the Gift Shop
  • mute your music by clicking the “?” icon on the bottom right corner

gameplay instructions

  • at the start of the game, you are all 1-person teams
  • when you attack a target team, you must participate in the attack together
    • attack the entire target team
    • if you both play the same weapon, turn around and run in the opposite direction. wait 30 sec before attacking another target.
    • when a team is killed, it joins forces with the killers
  • you and any teammate must stay together at all times. no splitting up, no working independently.
  • the largest team(s) win at the end!
  • after you get killed, type “rip” into the club penguin chat
  • if you’re in a team with multiple people, the original “leader” of the team will attack, and the rest will follow/echo the leader.


  • Weapon A: wish your targets a happy made-up holiday
  • Weapon B: compliment your targets’ penguin
  • Weapon C: mistake your targets for celebrities
  • A beats C
  • C beats B
  • B beats A

We hosted two games – one in the Club Penguin Plaza and one inside the Gift Shop. 

At first, the game was a bit chaotic as people didn’t clearly understand what to do. But as we got into the groove of things, we got to see some interesting results. Players who were killed joined a team and echoed the “weapon” the leader played. At the end, one team had accumulated most of the members and then it descended into chaos as we started throwing compliments everywhere. Some people’s machines were lagging, so that was difficult to work around. It was also difficult to get a lot of participants to join. We got Nick from class, my friend Jason, and Marielle’s partner Ari to join. Another friend of mine and a few other people joined the call but left because they were either lost or had somewhere else to be. 

Another thing that worked was the fact that there were many random people in the Club Penguin server, so we were able to get lots of interactions with random people as well (see pictures below). It was nice to see that we also sparked conversation on the server, because people started chatting and emoting shortly after we concluded our game. I touched base with my friend Jason afterwards, and he said that at first, he thought the game was going to be super disorganized (which it was), but that he had a surprising amount of fun as he continued to play the game. I had similar sentiments – I was very anxious before we started, worried about the organizational aspect of the game, but it really did come together as people found enjoyment in the chaos itself.

My username was “greendino”. Here’s an example of what the shared screen looked like:

Timid first attempts during the first round:

To my delight, some strangers replied back:



And of course, there were a couple of confused bystanders…

…whom we then proceeded to surround and bombard with compliments:

One of the best compliments of the game:

All our lovely participants (the two people sharing a camera at the bottom of the panel left early):

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