Cruel to be Kind

I played cruel to be kind with just my friend Nathan, as a result of my having an acute stomachache and cancelling a bigger session I was going to have with a few more friends.



As a result of the aforementioned constraints, we modified the rules of the game.

[1] Initially, we played it a bit like RSP , where we shoot each other a message containing a version of the three kind weapons.

We promptly realised that we had to modify the second weapon, as it was way less interesting noting something intriguing was not as fun as mistaking the other person to be a celebrity.

He was unfamiliar with this game, but he said he really liked the game (he kept exclaiming ‘How cute!) and that playing this game made his day!


[2] In the second round, we modified the rules as bounty collection. The rules were that we send a message to a person whose boundaries we designate, and if the person replies back with a ‘Thank you’ or generally a positive reaction, that person earns a point.

This was actually pretty funny because we were nervous about sending the message. When the designated target was siblings, Nathan refused and lost a point because he did not want to compliment his sister. (They’re a bit like Tom & Jerry, and Nathan said his sister would definitely say ‘Did you go crazy?’ if he sends her a random compliment).

It was actually hilarious to see all the replies from my friends who sent photos of those celebrities being like ‘What’s up?’. Some actually did reply by ‘Is there anything wrong?’ or ‘Are you crazy?’ which added to the experience.


Overall, it was an enjoyable experience where we had to flex our creativity a little bit to give compliments, and it really uplifted our mood despite making the game smaller due to practical constraints! Being nice is fun!

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