Cruel 2 B Kind – Charlotte Feng

I cohosted the game with Jasmine and Annie. We ran our game at Tresidder Union on a holiday afternoon. We modded the original game to make it playable when all players know who else is playing it. We added a “shield” word for each player so that when that “shield” was mentioned in the assassin, the attack would be nullified. Moreover, we adopted and modded the “rock-paper-scissors tournament” rules so that the attacker’s role rotates within each team while others cheer for the attacker during the combat.


The game went super fast (about 10 minutes) because we only had 7 people, including Jasmine and me, participating in the game. It was fun to see how each other made up quick compliments under time pressure. There was a lot of laughter and cheering in those 10 minutes though. Players laughed when they were mistaken by a celebrity they liked, given a creative compliment, or got multiple ties with the same opponent.

I personally liked the booty exchange part of the game. In the end, we gave our booty to the person who gave us the compliment that we were impressed with the most.

What I believe could be improved was that any compliments did not hit our shield words. If we had more time, we should have developed shields and attacks that were more related to each other so that they would affect the game. I also didn’t like the mechanic of players complimenting each other at the same time because players couldn’t hear each other when they were speaking. I heard a lot of players checking with other players they played with, asking “What did you say?” at the end of the game when they were giving out booties. The compliments serve their purposes better when they are heard.


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