Critical Play: Is this game balanced?

I played League of Legends on Mac.

League of legends is a MOBA game pitting 5 players against each other on each opposing time, each player with a distinct role working together to achieve the singular goal in the game: destroy the opponent’s nexus. Users can do this through 15 minute and up games, which involve a mixture of strategy and skill. Within the game there are a number of characters which are neutral characters, many of which garner rewards (gold, stat boosts, etc.) to add a degree of strategy and skill importance, as well as randomness to the game. 

League is an incredibly hard game to balance for a variety of reasons. Likely the reason that comes up first is the fact that the game is inherently dynamic; new additions to the game are made on a patch-by-patch basis, often within a month’s time; new characters are added, each season the game is irreversibly changed, and many changes are not for the sake of balancing, but rather to make the game dynamic and exciting for users to play on a constant basis.

Within different patches, both big and small changes are made: recently, changes were made to make champions in their base state (unchanged stats) harder to kill. This was offset by a balancing change to also reduce healing. For a long time, players complained that healing was “overpowered” due to the lack of anti-healing items and their efficacy. Similarly, these changes are important not only for casual players within ranks, the vast majority of players in League, but also pro players, who play arguably a completely different game with a different set of rules and cadence.

Built into League is its community, which has been hugely helpful for developers to better the game and sound off on various changes.

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