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Fez is an excellent and exciting game, where Gomez the main protagonist needs to solve puzzles in order to restore the world. A great deal of player dialogue, which is minimal, surrounds 2D verses 3D. All the characters want the world to stay 2 dimensional.

It is Gomez’s job to capture all of the cube bits, to ensure the world stays as it should. At times, it is as if the fabric the world is being ripped apart through the use of black squares. Gomez needs to assemble all the cube bits to alleviate the issue.

But in order to capture all of the cube bits, puzzles need to be solved. The entire game represents a series of challenges that build off each other. The experiences do not seem out of place but rather in concert and harmony with the overall objective of the game. The dialogue adds to the narrative of the puzzle-oriented game.

A unique component of the game is the rotating/ orientation of 90 degrees. This ability enables greater insight in solving specific tasks. The puzzles seem, on the whole, to be fair, which is very important. The challenges are exciting and sometimes bend reality as we know it. The overall game play has an almost old school look and feel. Fez operates in a somewhat single core mechanic. The ascetics are beautiful with vibrant colors and ambient noise/sounds are pleasant and uplifting.  Sometimes you can encounter a treasure map, treasure chest and hidden doors.

Occasionally players are warped from one place to another, not quite sure what they are doing but realizing forward motion is the key to success. There is little direction and the world is vast. There is a fair bit of wondering, exploring and trying different things in the hopes that by completing a task/challenge, Gomez will be able to access another level. Fez puzzles can require time and patience. Besides the graphics, music, the rotating ability, the puzzles are the motivating/continuing factor to play the game.

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