Walking Sim: Sailor’s Dream



Sailor’s Dream is an interesting walking simulator, because you cannot complete it in one sitting. After being frustrated with the lack of progress, I Googled the solution to sailor’s dream and realized that in order to complete the game I needed to come back at specific times to unlock the rest of the story. This was refreshing because the game sets boundaries for maximum amount of time you can progress in the story. It forces players to really savor the game and piece together the plot rather than devouring it in one sitting. This type of game depends on narrative as a form of fun, because half the fun in the game comes from uncovering the mystery of the story and the other half comes from exploration of the universe Sailor’s Dream is set in. You walk through several islands through aesthetic scenes and play with some of the playable features to help uncover feel part of the world it is set in. One feature I did not like though was that the story pages were in PDF format and made me exit the app to read. It felt incredibly inconvenient. I think the game was fun, but I would not play it outside of this class. I could see the appeal of it, but personally, I found it patronizing for a game to tell me how to play it.

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