Puzzles: Portal

For this game I played Portal 1 on Steam. Everyone knows the phrase, the cake is a lie from Portal; however, I never understood it until I played the game for this class. Playing portal twisted and bent my mind because it took me a while to be able to think spatially about how the portals worked, and seeing my avatar reflected in other portals in spite of being in a different location was incredibly confusing to me. However, having the clear set of directions and soft tutorial during the first four levels was nice. It was the first time I played a game like portal so having direction and soft tutorial built in by playing by learning the controls was nice. It was a success for me to feel guided in a new type of game without feeling like a total beginner, and by the time the training wheels came off in level 5 I felt prepared and understood portal. Although I think the target audience is puzzle and problem solving players, I think I was entertained by the novelty of the game as a story fan. The elements of fun being discovery and sensation offered a unique game play experience. I had fun discovering how the portals worked and was granted the opportunity to think critically in different ways than I am used to

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