Rachel Naidich Critical Play: Mysteries

I played Firewatch, which is a game made by Campo Santo for Windows, OS X, Linux, Play Station 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. In the game, you play a character named Henry, who is a fire lookout Shoshone National Forest. Throughout the game, you interact with another character named Delilah through a walkie talkie and develop a relationship with her. You also find various mysterious occurances that happen as you explore around and uncover clues about the story’s mystery. The narrative unfolds the more you explore. A lot of the gameplay involves reading text  that is written in 2nd person that conveys the story to the player and helps the player understand Henry’s inner thoughts. You select between different text options to make choices in the game and move the story forward. The mechanic of embodying a first person character and having to explore the open world contributes to the mystery by making the player feel very involved in trying to uncover clues. The dialogue with Delilah as players  explore also engages players further in the story.

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