Critical Play: Factory Balls


Game: Factory Balls

Game Developers: Bart Bonte

Device Played: Mac Book Pro

Target Audience:

  • Age Range: 10+
  • Anyone who loves short but challenging logic puzzles

Formal Elements of Game:

Players: Single Player vs. Game

Objective: Paint the gray ball to match the given pattern each round

Outcomes: If the player cannot figure out how to paint the ball to match the given pattern, then the game would win by default. However, there is not a time or painting limit; thus, the game can go on forever.

Types of Fun:

  • Challenge: To progress to the next round, the player needs to match the given pattern of the current ball. As each round gets progressively harder, every player will eventually reach a point in which the game is challenging for them.

Moments of success or epic fails:

  • Epic Success: The barrier of entry is none. A player can jump right into the game without a lengthy onboarding process!
  • Epic Fail: I liked how each round got harder; however, I would have liked the ability to choose the level/round that I solved because passing through the easy levels quickly became boring and tiresome.

Things I would Change:

  • Currently, the player has unlimited amount of tries to figure out how to paint to ball to match the picture. To incentivize players to reduce the amount of trial and error, I would keep track of the number of paint changes (like they do in mini golf).

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