Critical Play: Walking Sim

I played a game that I found online called Erie mountain simulator. I found it on a website called, which is a platform where users host, sell and download indie games. It was created by someone with the username Korvinrular and designed for PCs.

In the game I played as a mountain ranger investigating a sudden missing family on what the creator calls the Erie Mountain. While playing, I was required to walk around and interact with various objects and people in an effort to get clues about the family’s whereabouts. There were written cues that guided me on my journey. However, they were sparse, which encouraged me to wander and explore on my own.The game definitely leveraged discovery and narrative kinds of fun in order to craft an eerie, creepy experience. Given the macabre nature of the plot, I infer that the target audience is people 18 years or older who enjoy computer games.

It’s a one player game but I can see how it could be expanded to be multiplayer. Since everything is so suspenseful, allowing multiple people to play could definitely serve as a bonding experience for them. I think that doing so would also make the general game flow better. Although it was nice to explore on my own, it would have been helpful to have someone helping me navigate. The cues were so few and far between that sometimes the game got stale. That is my biggest critique game design. Overall I enjoyed playing it and would do so again.

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