Critical Play: Walking Simulators – In Requiem


The game that I chose to play was In Requiem, which was created by Alberto Carrillo and Anthony Najjar Simon. The game can be played on a desktop and VR. 

Target Audience:

I believe that the most suitable person to play a game such as In Requiem would have to be an adult as I do not believe that younger demographics would be able to comprehend the literary references of Ozymandias that are prevalent in the game. 

Formal Elements:

The following game is single-player. The game begins with the player being placed at a random location on a map, and their objective is to collect all six statues before they freeze in order to win. Conversely, if the player does not manage to collect the statue within the allotted time, they will freeze and be forced to restart the game. The way that the player navigates through the game is through using the mouse and standard keyboard navigation functions. 

Type of Fun:

 Sensation, discovery, and narrative. The player is exploring the space as they try to discover the statues. Whenever a statue is collected, the poem is read. Additionally, the visuals, rendering, and evocative music add another layer to the enjoyable experience of the game. 


I found it difficult to be able to win the game as the allotted time was not sufficient for me. It was annoying to get close to winning the game, but then to lose. A major success would have to be actually winning the game and getting a full recitation of the poem with nice animations. 


I felt as though I was not able to explore a place after collecting a statue. It would have been for me to have the flexibility to enjoy a landscape. Additionally, I think that the time limit should be removed. 

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