Mindmap: Narrative Architecture (Miranda Diaz)

Evoked Narrative

  • Sea of Thieves is an multiplayer adventure in which you are a pirate, roaming the sea and trying to complete commissions for different trading companies. While there is very little story conveyed through dialogue or artifacts, the world that you explore evokes a very clear narrative. From your character model to your ship to the atmospheric music, it feels as though you exist inside a classic pirate movie. Many players are so enthralled in the world that they become an actor in it. It is common for them to join together in large crews and raid other player of their treasures, like typical pirates would.

Enacted Narrative

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a platformer game in which you are a spirit who must navigate through a forest in order to reunite with a lost friend. The game is very non-linear; however, the larger narrative is broken up until smaller episodes of challenges and puzzles for the player to solve along the way. The completion of each episode unlocks a new area of the forest for you to explore as you move towards finding your friend.

Embedded Narrative

  • Omori is an indie role-playing game in which you are young boy that navigates through the real world and his own dreamscape. The exposition of the game alludes to a significant event happening in the protagonist’s life; however, the player has no idea what the event was. Throughout the game, you are constantly being given new snippets of information by talking to NPCs or picking up new items. This information helps you make sense of past events and piece together what had happened.

Emergent Narrative

  • Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game in which players can interact with an environment full of different types of blocks and mobs. The game prescribes no goals to its players, so they are able to choose how they want to play. Any narrative in Minecraft is created by the player through their own agency. Some players may like to build houses and collect materials while other players may like to obtain full diamond gear and defeat the ender dragon.


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