Critical Play: Walking Simulators — Blake Sharp

I played several different scenes of Places. The main types of fun in Places are sensation, discovery, and abnegation. Sensation is a type of fun in this context because the eyes and ears are immersed in the varying landscapes. There is a sense of discovery fun because you are spinning around in the world to see everything there is to see. Other walking simulators engage more with this kind of fun because you are moving around and exploring the entire 3D space. Abnegation is a type of fun here as well because it is a way to turn your brain off and enjoy the sights and sounds on the screen.

The first one I looked at is the in-browser “Sketch 1” and “Sketch 2”. The first is set on a wooded hill, seemingly right before a rainstorm. The second setting is a field on the water at sunset. The art is very unique and beautiful. However, each sketch only kept my attention for so long. I think that since you cannot move from the initial spot you are in, there is a limited degree of actions the player can take. The player only has the option to move in 360 degrees and up and down. The player can move using their mouse to guide the viewport.

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