Sketchnote Game Architecture

Sketchnote: Game Architecture (Wilmer Zuna)

Favorite Game: Call of Duty (COD) Black Ops 3, Zombie Mode

I enjoy COD Black Ops 3, Zombie Mode a lot. I think, despite the passage of time, this game continues to impress me and influences me to come back to play.

Upon reflection, and in connection with the reading, I see that, at this stage in my skill level in the game, I am now able to complete skills that, as a beginner, I was not able to complete. I get a greater sense of accomplishment when I play now-days, even if the game itself isn’t as widely populated as before.

As per the narrative aspect of the game, I love that the game experience is divided into levels within the scene itself, allowing for further story development as levels are completed.

Overall, I am pleased to see that my favorite game is indeed my favorite game due to these interaction loops and arcs.

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